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Thanks to some reqpairman, I got my hard drive back and I can resume production of Krack-it kaos. Part 1 is out now!

I have a problem with one of my hard drives. It won't respond. Without it, I will not be able to continue with Krack-it Kaos as that hard drive has the files I need to make Krack-it Kaos. All I can do now is nothing but shorts until my Hard Drive is fixed. If my hard drive is not able to be fixed, I'm cancelling Krack-it Kaos.

New Skylanders Flash coming this summer

2013-03-10 15:40:38 by Blackrhinoranger

And it's based on Wreck-it Ralph


Go here

2 Parter coming soon

2012-08-28 10:51:04 by Blackrhinoranger

It's another one based on the Skylanders but the story is based on a movie by Aardman call The Pirates: Band of Misfits (AKA In an Adventure with Scientists). The first part will be released at the end of August. If not, then early September.

In between those two parts, I'll also be making a tribute to one of the lastest video games, Transformers Fall of Cybertron.

First game ever made

2012-03-10 18:51:10 by Blackrhinoranger

Check out my very first quiz game. However it's accidentally under Movies instead of games. Because of the new NG design, I can't change it to a game format.

Sadly will be my last Xmas video because new year, I won't be around anymore

I'm making a new christmas 2011 flash and it's based on a movie by Aardman animations and sony pictures animation, a book by Dr Seuess and a videogame by Actvision and Toys for Bob. This is a Skylanders Christmas Special with all your favourite Skylanders, all voiced by me.

I'll try to submit it before 25th of Dec

I've just finished this flash in just 24 hours. It's very short but feel free to comment and rate when it is ready.

Tomorrow was suppose to be the day of my own Ock team, the Crock Crowd. 364 days ago, I posted this flash announcment about Crock Crowd day. Two users were interested but everyone forgot about it. So, I'm making a flash about them with the Clock crew.